Taking Advantage of Energy Referral Programs


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Houston is hot as balls right now, and our air conditioning is constantly running.

I’m sure it’s the same way across the country, but even more so in the south right now, since we’re right in the middle of summer.

Fortunately, being in Texas, we have the option to choose which energy plan we want from whichever company, which means they’re constantly competing against each other and putting up all sorts of advertisements to get more customers.

One funny thing about it, though, is that some friends of mine tend to constantly switch from one energy provider to another, simply because they can keep taking advantage of the perks and benefits the other has to offer.

It’s similar to have it was some years back with mobile service providers.

Switch to us and we’ll pay your termination fee…

Switch to us and get unlimited text and minutes…

Switch to us and we’ll give you some free shit you didn’t even know you needed…

So what are the energy companies doing right now?

Switch to us and you’ll get solar days, free nights, something on the weekends, oh and here’s a NEST for you, too.

Isn’t that sweet?

Ok, but here’s where you can really take advantage.

I’m capitalizing on referral fees

That means every time a buddy of mine switches to my provider, he’s using my referral code.

That way, after his first bill, we each get a credit applied to our accounts.

For me, that’s $75 right now that I get from his sign-up…

…But add that to the other 30 or so that I’ve done, and we’re looking at $2,250 in bill credit.

Guess how long it’s been since I had to pay my electrical bill.

Pretty sweet, right?

So, how does it work?

Well each provider has a referral code that is linked to you, and they might even give you a specific web address you can share.

Send that over to your friends and family in the area, and see if their plan is about to expire.

If so, they might be able to switch over to your referred provider and each of you get some bonus credit on your bills.

But then you might want to take it to the next level and rack up some massive credits to your account (bitcoin operation, anyone?).

Hit up some local communities, colleges, set up some signs or bandit signs, hell you might even be able to throw some facebook ads at nearby areas.

If you spend $100 to send ads to your community but you get 10 sign-ups, well you spent $100 to get $750 in energy bill credit.

Sound like a good trade? I think so.

Aside from that, adhere to your usual energy efficiency and saving tips to keep your energy bill down.

But if you hate the heat, love the a/c, and use it all freakin’ day, then you might need to go down the route of trying to have someone else pay for your electricity.

‘Cause, forget that, it’s expensive, especially here in the south and in the city of oil, gas, and energy.

Check back for some more tips and tricks with energy, real estate, marketing, and whatever the heck else I can come up with, here in The Alex Zone.