Choosing Moving Companies in Houston


I recently had to make a HUGE move, something that was very daunting and I procrastinated like crazy. However, a friend suggested that I just get a full service moving company to help me with it so I don’t have to bother. Here are some of the benefits and things I learned when researching Houston moving companies.


It’s incredibly important to check the reviews on the companies in the area. Not only should you care about the star ratings, but read the review. Listen to what people are saying, why they like or dislike a particular company, and if they gave any description at all. In addition, check out the reviewers. I’ve sometimes found that a company can have a lot of great reviews only to find out that every single one of them have only ever reviewed that company. It’s entirely possible to buy fake reviews for a company in order to help them convert more customers or rank better, like in Google Maps. Take reviews with a grain of salt, but go through them as your screening process to get a feel for what companies might be your top picks.


Insurance is a huge thing. If a moving company can not show proof of their liability insurance, then that’s a potential problem waiting to happen. There’s nothing stopping them from damaging your furniture or equipment and leaving you stuck footing the bill for those repairs or replacements. A legitimate moving company will have adequate mover’s insurance to take care of any potential issues regarding the state or well-being of your material.




You get what you pay for, to a degree. There are services that can be severely overpriced, but on the flip-side, paying too little for a service means that it will not be quality work. You’ll want to research all the companies in the area and get quotes from each. After narrowing them down based on their reviews, insurance, and other benefits, remove the outliers – ones that are far too expensive or far too cheap. I tend to look for the median then focus on services that are just slightly above that. The reason is because they may charge a premium because they know their work is quality and/or they are passing benefits in other forms, like not assessing a fee on your credit card, which could actually save you money.

These are just a few of the things I learned during my personal and office move. Check back for some additional information in the future, but remember to do your research when looking at services, especially moving companies. I ended up using a great company, Classic Moves, and I highly recommend them for any of your moving needs. But continue doing your research!