In my endeavor to get my site ranking again after its rebuild, I started doing research on search engine optimization. At conferences, I’ve always heard that all it really takes to do SEO is posting a lot of content, guest posting, links from social media and other websites, etc, but that just isn’t really the case. If you think about it, if everyone knows to do that, then everyone should be ranking highly – but not everyone can be on the first page. So, there must be some secrets that are not well-known to make sites zoom to the top. I’ve seen it happen. There are many industries where if you Google the keywords periodically, there’s someone new at the top even if the previous site has a lot of content and age.

So, I contacted this Houston SEO firm, Impactnext. They’re entirely local, and I asked them for some info on how to get my site ranking. Here’s what they said:

Your URLs Matter

Google is now looking for relevancy regarding your URL. If you are going for a particular keyword, like Houston Plumber, then you’re going to want to have “plumber” and/or “houston” in your URL for the page that you want to rank. It’s one of the things that Google’s algorithm searched for and puts a lot of weight around.




Don’t Over-optimize Keywords In Content

The typical strategy back in the day was to do “keyword stuffing“. This is where you basically sprinkle your keywords all over your page, whether it made sense or not in the content. Google is on to that and it can read text and determine if it makes sense or is natural. If the algorithm senses that you’re using your keyword too many times, your site will get an over-optimization penalty.


On-Page Optimization Is Only A Small Percentage Of SEO
On-page optimization is basically all about making your site have proper content. But in reality it affects your SEO rankings in a marginal way. The biggest thing to your SEO rankings is your backlinks portfolio. How many other credible and relevant sites are linking to yours is what Google really looks at. This is because it’s the hardest thing to fake. And there are many ways that Google’s algorithm will test your site to determine if you’re trying to game the system. That’s why it’s important to not try to create fraudulent links, but generate them in a more meaningful and natural way. This supports to theory about generating good content on your site, but the good content is worthless if it’s not being linked to from other websites.

Thanks to Impactnext for their input. You can check them out at if you’d like to learn more about SEO or hire them for their services. They also run a Baton Rouge SEO agency. I’ve basically learned that it’s best not to try doing it myself and pay the professionals that specialize in this to do it. It’ll save me time and money in the long run.