The risk of not getting a home inspection when buying a house

As always, my favorite thing to do is take use cases and expose them, along with their flaws and everything.

Because, well, why not?

We can learn from other people’s mistakes (and they should learn from their own), and save thousands of dollars or loads of headache.

Now, we’re going to talk about why…

You Should Get A Home Inspection Done On A House You’re About To Buy

Let me make it simple:

Are you buying a house?

Then schedule a home inspection.

That’s it!

It doesn’t matter if you’re buying a house for yourself, your family, your mother, your friend, or if you’re investing in it for a flip or a long-term hold.

The fact of the matter is you’re about to sign off on a 100k+ home (on average), and you don’t have near 100% certainty that it’s in exactly the shape that you’re expecting.

How do you know that there aren’t hidden cracks or busted plumbing under the floors?

Or that there isn’t an army of termites ready to eat your home from the inside out?

How about that electrical socket in the second bedroom that actually isn’t grounded and it’s using aluminum wire (queue the house fire 6 months down the line).

Yea, there’s a boat load of stuff that can happen to your house because you didn’t catch it before, costing you thousands of dollars of unexpected expenses right after you purchased the house.

If you’re the homeowner, that sucks.

If you’re the investor, your deal might’ve just gotten screwed.

There are a lot of local Houston home inspection companies out there, so why not just give ’em a call.

How much do you think an inspection costs?

A few hundred bucks? Isn’t that worth saving yourself potentially multiple thousands?

What If You Already Had An Inspection Done


Did you find anything?

If so, did you a) use it as leverage to get a better price or b) get the seller to fix it?

If the seller chose to fix it, did they use a contractor that has a warranty?

Then you’re good.

But if not, then you better look out.

If that contractor can’t guarantee their work and put a warranty on it, then you need to get a re-inspection done.

It’s much cheaper than a full inspection, but you need to make sure that work was done correctly (or at all), and there weren’t short cuts taken that can cause problems later in the future.

Yea, sometimes sellers suck, and sometimes they actually don’t know any better.

They just hired the wrong guy.

All of this has happened before, so I have a story in mind.

An investor had an inspection done, and the seller agreed to get it repaired.

But the investor thought he could identify that things were done correctly himself, so he went ahead with the deal.

Turns out, that electrical socket wasn’t grounded, and his tenants a few months down the line had a couple of house fires already, and decided they should stop paying rent.

At that point he tried to evict, but the judge denied it and said he needed to get it fixed — along with no rent being paid.

That doesn’t sound fun, now does it?

Protect Your Investment

Don’t be cheap, get that inspection done.

If you’re building a new house, get a phase inspection.

Either way, you need a full home inspection.

If you already own the home, then you have the option to just get a partial inspection, where you can get one part of the house checked out or verified.

This stuff is a no-brainer.

In our heads, we think they are unnecessary expenses eating into our wallets, when in reality it’s a potential wallet saver.

It’s like spending just a few hundred bucks to know that nothing is wrong with your body and you are cancer-free.

Wouldn’t that give you peace of mind?

Give your local inspector a call, get it done, and move on.

And when you get your inspector to come out, here are some questions you can ask to make sure things are going as expected:

Make some money and live comfortably!

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